Xamarin: Xamarin and Oracle Join Forces to Build Better Enterprise Apps

Today, we joined Oracle as a technology partner for the launch of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS). Combining Xamarin’s strength in delivering consumer-grade native apps for iOS and Android with Oracle’s comprehensive mobile backend-as-a-service (mBaaS) offering, our partnership makes it simple and easy to deliver high-quality enterprise mobile apps. This collaboration enables developers to integrate […]

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Xamarin: Xamarin Test Cloud to Support Appium Framework

With Xamarin Test Cloud, our goal has always been to provide a mobile app testing service that developers love while solving the challenges that prevent testing from being a seamless part of the development process. Developers writing Xamarin Test Cloud tests have the choice of using Ruby and the Calabash testing framework or C# with Xamarin.UITest. […]

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Gone Mobile: Episode 27: Automated App Testing with Niels Frydenholm

Interested in getting started writing automated tests for your apps but don’t know where to start? In this episode we’re joined by Niels Frydenholm to talk about how his team set themselves up for success over at eBay.

Hosts: Greg Shackles, Jon Dick

Guest: Niels Frydenholm


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Raygun.io – Exceptional Error Tracking
Raygun.io is the fastest and easiest way to track your application’s errors and get the level of detail you need to fix crashes quickly. Notifications are delivered right to your inbox and presented on a beautiful dashboard.


Xamarin: Connect to Customers with My Shoppe

Does your business have one or more storefronts? With the amount of competition today, it can be difficult to differentiate your shops from the masses. You need a convenient way to promote your business, enable customers to find you, and make it easy to find information about your offerings. What if you could combine all […]

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Gerald Versluis: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo – Using Custom Renderers to enchant your UI

While Xamarin.Forms provides a unified way to also create our UI from a single code base, the default controls tend to be just that; default controls. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy with these controls and they can be used to create simple, no-fancy-design-needed apps. But when you have created some apps, you … Read more

Debunking the Great Xamarin XAML Myth: How to achieve native performance with Xamarin Forms ListView and XAML cells.

I recently discovered that I can get native speed, smooth scrolling ListViews in Xamarin forms, using XAML for the cells. This goes against the accepted belief that good performance with XAML cells is not possible. In this blog post I explain how I came to my solution, and how you can also achieve great performing lists while enjoying all the benefits that XAML affords you for your ViewCells.


This is a must read for Xamarin developers who are doing Real World work with Xamarin forms, including a sample project you can grab down from GitHub.