Greg Shackles: Developer On Fire

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Developer On Fire podcast, which I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t already. It’s a really interesting show where Dave Rael asks all sorts of interesting guests a similar line of questions that get a bit more personal than most technical podcasts, allowing you to see what really makes them tick.

Check out my episode here: Episode 079 – Greg Shackles – Not Just Mobile


Kerry W. Lothrop: iOS User Interfaces with MvvmCross

When using MvvmCross in a cross-platform mobile project you have the choice of four different approaches for creating the iOS user interface. Xamarin.Forms is one of those approaches that can be a good choice for many use cases (even if there is not graphical designer at this point). However, if your view has very specific … Continue reading iOS User Interfaces with MvvmCross

Xamarin: The Top 12 Xamarin Blog Posts of 2015

It’s been an great year for mobile, and it’s been an amazing year for Xamarin, too. With all of the updates to the Xamarin Platform, Test Cloud, and Insights included in Xamarin 4, this blog has been host to many interesting topics over the course of 2015. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been counting […]

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Adam J Wolf: Weekly Xamarin Newsletter Issue #73

Xamarin: Auto Layout 101: Building Beautiful, Dynamic UIs for All Devices Mike James, from Xamarin Inc., helps shift your thinking into the Auto Layout gear. Code Mill Minute: Debugging With Visual Studio . But Not From Windows Matthew Soucoup, from Code Mill Technologies, hopes that by writing it down he won’t forget how. Webinar Recording: […]

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