Keith Rome: Linking Property Change Notifications in Xamarin Forms (or WPF/Silverlight)

I’d like to share a really awesome bit of code that I’ve been using in my XAML applications for a while now… there are many frameworks and examples out there, but I’ve not yet seen anyone else using this exact technique before…

MVVM in XAML UI Applications

If you are building app UIs using XAML, then you are more likely than not also using the MVVM design pattern. The general idea is that your code which handles application logic, business rules, etc. gets placed into ViewModel classes, and all visual widgets/controls get placed into XAML views. Typically we would have one View per ViewModel, but that’s not a requirement at all (more like a generalized observation), and in fact there are some situations where we might want to have multiple Views for the same ViewModel (or break a complex ViewModel into multiple parts while still connecting to a single View). The ViewModels are supposed to capable of standing alone, and we use data bindings and command bindings to connect the two. This way, we can unit test our ViewModels thoroughly, and (sometimes) allow UX designers to dictate the XAML layout directly.

That’s all fairly normal and typical.

As we dig a little more deeply into the mechanisms of data binding, we learn that part of the “magic” is achieved by way of the INotifyPropertyChanged interface (which includes only one thing – an event named PropertyChanged).… Read more

Xamarin: Xamarin Dev Days: The Final Frontier

Xamarin Dev Days is easily one of my favorite experiences since joining Xamarin as a Developer Evangelist. It’s incredible to have the opportunity to travel around the country, meet people who love mobile and .NET development, and teach those who are brand new to Xamarin what we’re all about. With sessions on everything from Azure Machine […]

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Adam J Wolf: Weekly Xamarin Newsletter Issue #62

Blobs & Blobs of Cheese: A Xamarin/Azure Storage Primer Matthew Soucoup, from Codemill Technologies, integrates his favorite app with Azure storage. Join Xamarin at a Visual Studio Launch Event Near You Krystin Stutesman, from Xamarin Inc., wants you to celebrate the launch of VS 2015. Xamarin Continuous Integration Early Access Program Keith Ballinger, from Xamarin […]

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Tomasz Cielecki: Removing shadow from NavigationBar and TabBar on iOS

I am making an app where I don’t want to display the shadow underneath the NavigationBar and the top gradient on a TabBar.

For some reason the Apple SDK does not provide a simple boolean Property where you can just disable it. A lot of solutions on StackOverflow requires you to set a background image and a shadow image to remove it entirely.
Digging through solutions a bit I found that these two ways seem to work pretty well.
So for the NavigationBar, what you do is traverse through all subviews to find the UIImageView which is the shadow and simple remove that from showing up. This is done as follows.
For the TabBar it is slightly different. It has a member variable, which is private, so you cannot get hold of it directly. However, using the SetValueForKey() method, which all NSObject’s have, you can set that variable to true.

See the difference?

Michael Ridland: FreshMvvm n=0 – Mvvm in Xamarin.Forms and Why FreshMvvm

Today I’m releasing the first part in a video series on FreshMvvm. The video series is FreshMvvm n+1 and it’ll be a set of tutorials helping people start using FreshMvvm with Xamarin.Forms. As always feedback is encouraged, so please get in touch anytime.

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Xamarin: Join Xamarin at a Visual Studio Launch Event Near You

Developing beautiful cross-platform native mobile apps across iOS, Android, and Windows has never been easier with Xamarin and Visual Studio 2015. You can use the tools you know and love including the brand new free Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition to develop with Xamarin. To celebrate the launch of Visual Studio 2015, Xamarin will be […]

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Xamarin: Xamarin Continuous Integration Early Access Program

Recently we began working closely with some of the leading companies offering Continuous Integration in the cloud to provide CI solutions for Xamarin apps. As an added benefit, Xamarin CI services will also be able to build your app with pre-release versions of Xamarin and alert our engineering team if a recent change in our […]

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