Xamarin: Beggin’ for a Beacon Xamarin Contest Winner!

Beacons, small pieces of Bluetooth-transmitting hardware, have simplified the ability to create context-aware apps for mobile devices. Given the powerful potential beacons have for impacting the world, we wanted to hear how the Xamarin community would use beacons to improve their lives in fun, creative, and practical ways. After much deliberation, we are pleased to […]

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Greg Shackles: Building Context-Aware Apps with Beacons

Recently I’ve been giving some talks on building context-aware apps with beacons, so I just wanted to quickly publish my content around that in one place. If it’s not immediately obvious, I think beacons and context-based technologies are seriously awesome.

.NET Rocks!

First, Carl and Richard were nice enough to invite me back on .NET Rocks! to talk about this stuff as well. You can find that episode over on their site, or in any of the usual places you subscribe to podcasts.

Here are the slides from my talk at my NYC Mobile .NET Developers Group:

The sample app used as part of that talk can be found on my GitHub page, which is a super basic scavenger hunt type app for iOS and Android.

Hopefully some of this helps inspire you to try out this stuff if you haven’t already, and start building awesome apps!