Xamarin: Introducing Stack Overflow Documentation

Xamarin and Microsoft are excited to be a part of the launch of Stack Overflow Documentation. This new feature brings the same collaborative approach from Stack Overflow’s question-and-answer system to developer documentation. Stack Overflow Documentation provides a set of edit and review tools that lets the community write example-focused documentation to complement our existing developer […]

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Marcos Cobeña Morián: Introducing Xamarin.iOS to Objective-C/Swift developers

A few months ago I had the chance to showcase Xamarin.iOS to pure Objective-C/Swift developers, within a local group called NSCoder Sevilla. Instead of making slides I thought it’d be more interesting to build a small app which’d do the same, as well as serving as a playground to showcase some topics: managed vs. native… Continue reading Introducing Xamarin.iOS to Objective-C/Swift developers