Gone Mobile: Gone Mobile 32: Bitrise with Barnabas Birmacher and Daniel Balla

In this episode we’re joined by Barnabas Birmacher and Daniel Balla to talk about their continunous integration solution for mobile apps. Looking to get started adding CI for your apps? Listen in to find out how!

Hosts: Greg Shackles, Jon Dick

Guest: Barnabas Birmacher, Daniel Balla


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Marcos Cobeña Morián: Inject Wave Engine into Xamarin.iOS Apps

My good friend and workmate Sergio Escalada and I wrote a few months ago a quick guide, along with a sample (find the link below), on how you can render Wave Engine on a Xamarin.iOS app: not a full-screen game it-self, but adding specific views which are handled from Wave Engine. Today, we’ve updated the… Continue reading Inject Wave Engine into Xamarin.iOS Apps