Xamarin: Xamarin Dev Days is Coming to Your Town

We’re working with our partners and community to bring full day mobile development events to a town near you with Xamarin Dev Days.   What are Dev Days? Xamarin Dev Days are an intense, hands-on learning experience. More than just your average hackathon, they are free, day-long community events focused around learning how to build native iOS, Android, and […]

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Michael Ridland: 50 Shades of Xamarin

One of my favourite parts of Xamarin is it’s flexibility. Using Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms you can actually jump between Native API’s, Forms APIs and Html5 (generated at locally or on the server). This flexibility has enabled me to develop a range of different solutions for clients based on their situation, I wasn’t sandboxed to Native […]

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Ruben Macias: Android ListViews Reinvented

I learned something new last week that I felt I probably should have learned a long time ago.  As I know from my previous experience in Android development, ListViews only scroll vertically.  In the past, there was no out of the box support for horizontal ListViews in Android.  Developers had to create them manually or use 3rd party […]